From abstract painting to portrait drawings, my commissions are the place for you to have your favorite moments and memories captured forever.


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I'm a multimedia artist living in Orange County, CA. My entire life is devoted to creative expression and capturing life's unspoken truths through my art. As the descendent of Mexican and Jewish immigrant families, connecting human stories is my deepest longing. Throughout my life, art has always been my connection to humanity. Art knows no bounds, no limits. It carries our expression, our emotions, our stories without conditions.

Art connects us together as humans.

artist / ucla alum / marketing director

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Against the unsolicited opinion of what is and what should be, my art takes revenge.

Through my process of intuitive abstraction, I explore conversations of the mind, body, soul, and other subjects such as femininity, relationships, rebellion, sex, love, and pain.

My goal is to release my thoughts, listen to my body, and trust my soul. If my art resonates with you, my work here is done. 

01. "gloss", 8" x 8", acrylic paint & colored pencil on paper, 2020, for sale

02. "The next day", 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas, 2021, for sale

03. "Blood Oranges", 9" x 12", acrylic and colored pencil on paper, 2020, sold

04. "Iced Coffee", 9" x 12", acrylic paint and colored pencil on paper, 2020, for sale

05. "Rain or Shine I'll be there", pastel on paper

06. "Morning Toast with Jam", 9" x 12", acrylic paint & colored pencil on paper, 2020, sold

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I commissioned Liz for a portrait of my husband and daughter and her work is just beautiful! It made for the perfect gift and my husband was overcome with emotion when he saw it. I would highly recommend her!

- Misha a.

My friend's French bulldog passed and I wanted to do something very special for her… I don’t think a pencil drawing by Liz could be more special. My friend was speechless to receive the drawing. Liz’s work isn't just a drawing, but she captured a feeling.

- mary k.

I commissioned Liz to draw two photos of my close friends because I saw how beautiful her drawings were on Instagram. She sent me process photos while she was drawing, and allowed me to provide input into how I wanted the drawings to look. She finished both pieces well before the deadline and I am obsessed with the final product!

- isabelle g.

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